The Western Alliance

Council Meeting

Published: Written by: Eresmir






Arohtar, Belegwe, Kairos, Sabraeil, Zlin






  • Crucio opened the meeting by congratulating Arohtar on his decoration of the new kinhall, echoed by the other officers.
  • Changes to the constitution.  Crucio happy with wording of referendum on council term length change and will notify the membership via in-game mail and discord messaging this coming week.  The poll will be posted on November 17th and will run until the 23rd at 20:00.
  • Council elections.  Elections to start at the beginning of December, to have the process done after the referendum but as early as possible to avoid the expected inactivity around Christmas.  As always, the council agreed it is important to encourage every eligible member to stand.
  • Recruitment.  Acknowledgement of quality of recent initiates, a big benefit for the kin.  Discussed current initiates and Eresmir stated the council should encourage more feedback from full members in the initiation threads.
  • Kinship facilities.  Need to promote new facilities to kin, crafting area, crafting component boxes, training dummy etc.  Arohtar to write a brief guide on kinhall.
  • Discord/Website changes.  All agreed Discord working well.  Eresmir suggested a picture gallery channel.  Arohtar suggested closing the kinhall-move channel now process complete.  Zlin asked about a notification when someone applies to the kin.  Kairos had some questions about the raidbot functionality, following some recent bugs due to a recent bot update.  Kairos stated that the website needs to be used more, a feeling echoed by the other officers.  Crucio said that content, such as guides and articles were needed, and he would be happy to show people how to post them on the site, and format on their behalf.
  • Belegwe mentioned chairs for the kinhall.  Arohtar stated that there 85 chairs on the island.  Belegwe suggested rounding up to an even 100.

ction Points


  • Crucio to post notification of upcoming referendum and post the appropriate poll when it begins.
  • Arohtar to post guide to kinhall services.
  • Create “Picture Gallery” channel on Discord.
  • Remove “Kinship-move” channel on Discord.
  • Officer notification when someone applies to Discord. Crucio to review.
  • Eresmir to post encouraging members to contribute to initiate threads.
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