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The Western Alliance

Code of Conduct (PvMP)


hese rules apply to all members of The Western Alliance, including all creeps identifiable as TWA members regardless of tribe.  They are intended to reflect TWA’s attitude towards civility and Fair-play.  It should be understood that anything considered as an exploit by Standing Stone Games is automatically not allowed.

Breaking of these rules can result in disciplinary action, repeated violations can result in expulsion.  When in doubt please consider the Kinship Code of Conduct and act accordingly.

The Western Alliance does not allow:



Any action taken by a member with the intent to specifically harass or belittle another player (e.g. corpsejumping)



Staying in the vicinity of Gramsfoot or Glan Vraig for any significant amount of time with the intention to fight other players. (with the exception of spars)



We do not condone fight clubbing if used to gain a competitive advantage in PvMP as we see it as unsportsmanlike behaviour. We reserve the right to take action against those members who do so.



Giving information to the other side that will give them an unfair advantage or an advantage they otherwise would not have had.

The Officers would like to warn any members that summon non-VIP members to Glan Vraig (or ask to be summoned there) that this may be considered an exploit and could get you banned by Standing Stone Games, we have no confirmation of this however so do this at your own risk.  To be clear, Premium/Free players being able to play in the Ettenmoors is not considered working as intended.

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