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The Auld Alliance


I think I remember doing a few runs with you, Grimdoin, and Serby.


Downloading the client, no idea if or when I will be able to play or be on chat but seeing the old crew really does give me a nostalgic and uplifting feeling!

I think my contribution will be more looking after the forums, new website etc rather than in-game.

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(03 Jun, 18, 10:58)Grimdoin Wrote: Indeed... countless times... And just when I thought I got into casual raiding again the group turned into a fixed night T2 progress run thingy where I simply don't have or can't find the time for anymore Sad

Are you still running with The Unwanted Kai?

Hi, Grimdoin. Yes, indeed, though I haven't raided with them for a couple of weeks due to work pressure. So if anyone in TWA wants to try raiding again, get in touch and if you meet the minimal requirements, I'll sponsor you for The Unwanted.


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Capua reached out today and I pointed her towards the Discord. Make sure to drop by there and say hi as well Wink

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