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General Meeting (Sunday June 10th, 1600 UK Time, Kinhall, 1 High Road, Lightgard)


(09 Jun, 18, 09:59)maegluin Wrote: Hi Kairo and all dear old twa fellows!

I've  got Eres's email (thanks Eres!). Glad to know old TWA has not passed away!

As I stopped playing five years ago (hopefully someone still remembers me? Tongue) and my subscription was to old Turbine and also ended when I cancelled my credit card, I'm not even sure I can retrieve my lotro user.

I've checked the game, it has started updating and has been so for the last 2 hours. I actually remember my lotro user but not my password, and it seems my computer has forgotten it too (I only keep one of the two I had back then). Then, when I ask lotro to reset my password, it answers to try again later.

Anyway, I stopped playing in 2013 because I didn't feel in the Tolkien's universe any longer. I might check the game again, but probably won't be up to endgame group content. But thought to come here and tell you that I still remember the kinship with fondness.

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up, have fun and long life TWA!


Hi Maeg,

Great to hear from you. As Kai has posted on Discord and in reply to Grim earlier endgame is not our principal goal, something maybe to build towards yes, but the aim of TWA will always be to help every character at every level with a bit of fun, laughter and mutual respect. I think you'll find the current game to be recognisable as Tolkien's universe, especially as we are in Mordor and Erebor. I'd send a ticket on the password issue and hopefully see you ingame soon.



Ups, sorry I missed your reply, Eres.

Anyway, now we've chatted in-game. Currently playing solo and levelling up a new alt, Fermaer, an Elf Champion (which I'll probably delete when I get to the old cap, level 85, where my old alts are).
The atmosphere of a tolkien-esque Middle Earth is what attracted me first to the game and I currently have it again. But then, moving around in Eriador, before level 50, I always had it. Let's see how it feels in the new cap (supposing I ever manage to get there!).

It's funny how I remember everything about the game in general (how one must work to build up a character) but I've forgotten all the details: how to chat in game, what hand to use for mouse and keyboard (since I'm somewhat left-handed), etc.
Anyway, thanks for the efforts put into kinship! See you (and all!) in-game. Smile


welcome back Maeg!


(21 Jun, 18, 23:04)Thoronthor Wrote: welcome back Maeg!

Hey, Thor!
Glad to see you alive and kicking (orc butts)!
See you ingame, Thor --although at the rate I'm levelling up since I hit lvl 30, it can take a while until I'm on Maegluin again. But I'll get there!


Sorry I couldn't make it to the meeting, I was just on holiday, but good to see some more returning players! I've been levelling from 85 to 105 lately and enjoying the stories again.
Ingaras, Hunter (75)
Indo, Minstrel (81)
Celefindel, Loremaster (115)
Magolisto, Champion (75)

and some others...

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