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Email Issue

(This post was last modified: 28 May, 18, 11:14 by Eresmir.)

Hi all,

There appears to be an issue with the forum’s mail server, as reported by Kai and Hroth yesterday. This is particularly annoying given old players returning trying to reset their passwords. 

Crucio, I don’t know if you have any insight into how to fix it. I’ll certainly give it a go. The workaround fix until then is to contact me in game and I can reset passwords for you. 




Despite being subscribed to many threads, I never receive email notifications of replies, new posts, etc.

Would love to have this option and it would certainly contribute to jump-starting the kin.


Google isn't being much help unfortunately. The answer is invariably contact your host.

SMTP settings gives this error message: Unable to connect to the mail server with the given details. Reason: 0:
Even changing to PHP, which I'd prefer not to do, doesn't fix it.

Crucio are you actively checking this forum and have any ideas?

In the meantime, I recommend anyone looking to reset passwords or register contact me in-game and i can reset for them as an administrator.


Issue has been fixed... Smile


Indeed it has. Great work Crucio!


(05 Jun, 18, 14:36)Crucio Wrote: Issue has been fixed... Smile

Thanks for that Crucio, had the potential to be a big issue if not resolved! Now to spam all member's inboxes Big Grin


Had some people asking about the amount of emails sent from a thread you have posted on. Before posting a thread or reply, there is a subscription option just above the “post” button. It, by default, is set to email subscription. Make sure you change it before you post if you don’t them!


You can also change that default option on the User Control Panel.

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