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ArcheAge Open Beta Starts


Today sees the start of the open beta for ArcheAge.  You can grab the client from the Trion Worlds website.


I've been playing it a lot  - think it's really great.  Nice storyline / quests. Lovely graphics, spralling landscapes. creative character design.  Seems like a winner,.


Indeed I have been playing it since alpha on and off and it does show a lot of promise!


Cba with the beta but as it's FTP I'll defo check it out on release.


only thing is with just FTP you are limited crafting wise - no building farms or housing, cant sell on broker, less labour points - making it harder to craft.  All remedied with the monthly patron package though which I believe will be around 15 euro ?


If any of you are going to be playing this at launch let me know which server and side.  I'm unsure as to server - but will be trying Haranya as I have played most of Nuia already.


No preference, I tend to go elf as a homage to Crucio in LoTRO Smile


Had a look through the website and tbh I'm a bit underwhelmed. Anyone who's played it give us some words please.


One of the best things about the game is the crafting. It's very complex and intricate - allowing you to build anything from food, armour, etc, through to ships. It's a very involved process and a lot of the stuff you'll need like food ingredients and pelts will mean you'll need to establish a farm to raise animals and grow your crops.

My other favourite is the class system.  You choose 3 skill trees and pick 23 skills from them as you level to create a unique class to fit your playstyle. This means there are in fact 120 classes! The only problem with that is its hard to choose ... however, you can swap skill trees at anytime to create a new class - but obviously that new skill tree will be at a lower level and lag behind - but it does make it very diverse.  I've tried obscure things such as combing defence, Auramancy and sorcery: which made me a thaumatage.

The later and end game content is primarily PVP driven - there is still pve stuff there but you'll be running about in warzones or zones that are sometimes in conflict, sometimes at peace.  There are 2 factions one on the eastern continent and one on the western and although you'd expect that's where the Pvp ends you'd be wrong.  There is in an infamy system that grants you points if you kill your own faction or rob from their farms... and if you do that and gain enough infamy and you yourself are killed by a  player, well you'll end up in a player court - if convicted by your peers you'll end up in prison for a period of time, again decided by your peers! Not much to do in there .. so be warned!

I like the game - think it has some genuine longevity.  There is a lot more to it than I have time to write up.. including sea battles in ships, pirates, trade routes... and a lot more.

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