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Shelob T2 Tactics

Map of the arena

Our current group set up:

  • Tank group
    • Tank (guard or captain)
    • Bear healer
    • 2nd healer/DPS
    • LM
    • Yellow Burg
    • Yellow champ
  • DPS group
    • Red cap
    • Yellow mini
    • Red champ
    • Warden             
    • Hunter
    • Hunter

Consumables needed:

  • Ithilharn rolls
  • Scrolls of the Minas Ithil Guard
  • Normal food and snacks
  • Normal mastery and mitigation scrolls
  • Disease pots
  • Poison pots
  • Morale pots (help the healers guys)
  • Hope tokens

Shelob phase 1:

Shelob will drop down in the middle of the room. She will have a buff on her that greatly reduces incoming damage (by 75%), and she will phase when she gets down to 95% morale.

  • When she enters the arena, the group will be standing at the bottom of the ramp near the Light of Earandil (LoE) with the tank between where she enters and the group. She hits hard so it important that the tank gets first aggro, she is debuffed immediately (and kept on throughout the fight) and that the tank remains in healing range. You will enter combat a couple of seconds before she arrives so there is plenty of time to react to her arriving.
  • Shelob has 3 special attacks that we need to be aware of the whole fight.
    • Belly flop – this is a distributed damage attack, so it is important that group stays balled up right behind (behind because she also does a frontal aoe at times) her (yes including all the ranged) at all times, unless:
    • Poison web attack – Shelob will periodically target the group with a poison. When removed this poison will drop a slowing and damaging web on the ground. This will target a number of people at a time (3 or 4, this can be resisted) and must be removed away from the group. Move about 5m away (no more) away from the group to remove your poison and come back. Do not use any group removals, instead make sure you have pot for them. The throw from the belly flop attack can be useful here as the momentum in the air can be used to get away from the group faster, but contrary to popular belief, removing them in the air does NOT help so wait until you on the ground and away from the group to remove them.
    • Bind – Shelob will choose someone in the group and put them in “Binding webs”. This works in the same way as the ice in stairs (like stairs the webs can be bugged sometimes). When someone gets webbed up, switch dps to the web to get them out ASAP so we can go back to Shelob.
  • This fight does have an enrage timer (17mins) so it important that we aim to get her down to 95% as fast as we can (aim is between 1 min and 1min 30s) even with her damage reductions. This means using OBs, High Elf damage buffs and anything else that can be done to boost the overall dps of the group during this time.
    • This may mean ignoring some of the Binds in favour of doing more DPS

Add Phase 1:

Once Shelob gets to 95% she will retreat back into the ceiling for a time and adds will spawn in. There are 4 different adds to be aware of at this point and they spawn from each of the 4 corners of the arena. She will shoot down poison puddles in the arena that can do big damage for the rest of the fight. Do your best to stay together and out of these puddles as much as possible. The adds in order of priority are:

  1. Ungol-weavers – These buggers must be CCd away from the group as they approach (job of the Burg/ LM). If they get into the group, they will bind someone in the way that Shelob does and broken out (we can’t afford to lose this DPS too many times or at all). They must be let into the group 1 by 1 and nuked by DPS quickly. Other classes should avoid using stuns until they get into the group. Once in the group use hard stuns to stop them inducting and kill them ASAP.
  2. Ungol-spawners – These are ranged so it is the job of the tank to pull them, go beyond the group so they are positioned in the middle of the group to be hit by aoe. They will do an induction that can and should be interrupted to stop them summoning more. We use a yellow mini to interrupt the spawners constantly to minimise the number of hatchlings spawned.
  3. Ungol-stalker – Just a spider that is invisible.
  4. Ungol-hatchlings – Oh so many of them! Just kill them and stop the spawners from getting in more.

At the start of this phase there are 5 things to pick up:

  • Pick up LoE (we tried different people with this and found the yellow champ worked best)
  • Each of the support classes (Burg, bear, Red cap, another) will go to one of the torches, either A, B, C or D. They must also be on the look out the first adds to spawn in and communicate which direction to the group.

The group will then all come together on hill A, killing in the order already outlined. Weavers must be CCd outside of the group and brought in 1 by one and the tank will continue to bring adds and spawners into the group. The adds don’t do a huge amount of damage so it is not necessary to aggro everything off the group. Try to let the adds get into the group before killing as this makes the burners job much easier, if you do see one away communicate this to the group and burners.

Those with torches must burn the bodies of the adds when they die. These appear on the ground as “Slain Ungol-x”. This is the main job of anyone with torches as if not burned, especially the red cap and one of the healers (as there isn’t much else to do at this point), Shelob will eat them and get a damage buff which can be raid wiping.

Shelob phase 2:

After a while, Shelob will drop back down. She will do this regardless of whether adds are still alive and shortly after the last (4th) spawner arrives. Ideally all or most of the adds will be dead and burnt by this point otherwise there will be a lot to do! If there are any unburnt bodies, Shelob will eat them (gross) and get buffed up, which in case of any doubt is very bad. She will do all the same attacks as in the first phase so get debuffs and aggro sorted ASAP just like before. There are a few things we can do to give us a bit more time:

  • The LoE should be used IMMEDIATELY after she comes in. The torch bearer normally can move towards her spawning point and topple her BEFORE she does a web induction. If not, there is a risk of Shelob eating and unburnt slain spider or webbing someone up when we are occupied elsewhere.
  • After using LoE, Shelob will fall over and becomes vulnerable BUT still immune to damage. Save OBs/ other buffs and get to removing corruptions. We need to get through 120 corruptions before she takes any damage so spam these skills as much as possible no matter what your role. This will probably take around 3 full topples.
  • During the time she is on her back, the group can use any non-corruption removal time to finish off killing and burning the adds but corruption removal remains the priority, this will mainly be the burg, LM and hunters. By the time gets back up all dead bodies must be burnt. She will have a light buff on her that makes her immune to the LoE for a time. Keep an eye on this topple when it wears off.
  • As Shelob gets back up, the tank and a healer can take her away from the group if needed to give a bit more time on the adds/ burning.

When standing, Shelob is mostly immune to damage (-75%) but still takes some. Keep the DPS going, poison removals outside of group, breaking out of webs. All the good stuff we were doing in the first phase. Keep toppling when able, keep removing corruptions until they are gone. When she is standing, the group should be standing on her back LEFT leg and dropping webs to the right. This is because she drops a poison pool out behind her and we will rotate to the left.

  • When all the corruptions are gone, Shelob will become vulnerable to damage while toppled. Use OBs, HE damage buff, red banner, to arms, w/e else buffs damage and watch her health bar go down.
  • She will phase and retreat to the ceiling again at 66% morale. The aim is to do this in around 4 or 5 topples.

Add phase 2:

Just like in add phase 1 but torches and LoE are picked up already. Regroup at hill A (careful the first wave doesn’t spawn behind you). Get killing, get burning just like before but there is another add to be aware of and the kill order now looks something like this:

  1. Ungol-weavers
  2. Ungol-spawners
  3. Ungol-stingers – These flying bugs will put a disease on their target that last 10 seconds. These MUST be removed BEFORE they expire. If not, you will be feared and will run away from the safety of the group, losing valuable DPS time. As these don’t drop a web or anything, they can be grouped removed but not when Shelob is present. Don’t be lazy, just get some disease pots to go with your poison pots.
  4. Ungol-stalker
  5. Ungol-hatchlings

Shelob phase 3:

Just like the last time Shelob dropped down, there will probably still be adds up. Get aggro and debuffs on ASAP or she is likely to 1-shot someone.

We are still on a time limit, so use the LoE to get her toppled and go go DPS. As these will probably be adds still to deal with during this topple, save OBs for the next one as well as any other big skills with more than 1 min CD.

When she recovers from the LoE, just as before, tank and healer take her away to buy more time for the group to deal with the remaining adds/ bodies to burn.

The next topple is going to a big one – use OBs and other big buffing skills (channel Bel’s 630k parse on webs)

When Shelob gets down to 50% morale she will start vomiting black goop on the tank as well as all the other attacks. The tank will be moving around the puddles so make sure to continue to move and rotate as a group.

She will phase and run away again at 33% morale.

Add phase 3

This is it guys, the endgame. Last phase of adds, do it just like the last one but there’s more! More stingers and more hatchlings. Get them dead and get them burnt! We probably won’t kill them all before Shelob gets down, just make sure she can’t eat any dead ones (that’s on you burners, sry).

Shelob phase 4

Do like before but still more adds to kill. Just stop her from eating any adds. Knock her over, go go dps. Get her down to 10% morale and jobs done! This will probably take 2 topples, just survive between them (kiting helps).

Other key points:

  • The enrage timer for this fight is 17 mins. Once Shelob enrages, it won’t be possible to keep the group up for long.
  • There will be long times, particularly near the start, where her morale isn’t moving much, and this is expected.
  • DPS on Shelob is focussed in short bursts (when she is toppled) and any and all available damage buffs, including enrage (burg) should be on during or just before these times to get the most out of them. When toppled, Shelob is the focus no matter what else is going on.
  • The group should be always balled up unless moving out of the group to drop a web. This makes healing and dps support easier and maximises space available for web dropping. It also means the distributed damage on her belly flop attack less per person. We have found that the easiest tactic is to drop the webs behind or to the RIGHT of the group. This means that she can be rotated around to the LEFT when we ran out of space.
  • In a change from our original tactics, we now fight at hill A for the duration of the fight. Careful the first weaver doesn’t spawn behind the group!
  • The belly flop attack will 1-shot anyone who stands under her during OR after the belly flop. The aura from the hit box remains for 3 seconds so be careful.
  • Point D will ALWAYS spawn 2 weavers and point B will have none. A and C both spawn 1 with their spawner and hatchlings.
  • When in a web from either Shelob or a weaver, help the RAT and DPS out by typing and ‘x’ in raid chat and targeting your web.

Compiled and written by Skul.

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