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Council Elections 2018 - Eresmir - 28 Jun, 18

Elections are upon us friends!
  • Polls will open on July 10th and we are looking to elect a council consisting of a Leader, a Deputy and 4 officers.
  • Terms will last 6 months.
  • This is a TWA community election, any active member in the community may apply. That means you don't have to log in-game regularly although that would of course be beneficial.
  • Any full member on day one of elections may cast their vote.
Applications for candidacy start NOW!

Leader election:
July 10th to July 12th

Deputy election:
July 13th to July 15th

Officer election:
July 16th to July 18th

For any questions contact an officer or read the constitution (which you obviously have already done).
Interested in becoming an officer? Read our information thread here!

Please consider applying and good luck to all candidates.

RE: Council Elections 2018 - Belegwe - 01 Jul, 18

I will stand for full officer assuming others are standing for leader and deputy.

RE: Council Elections 2018 - Crucio - 02 Jul, 18

Will stand for officer, unless there are sufficient candidates to trigger a vote then I will drop out.

I can't promise game time, only the experience from a misspent youth playing all manner of games including LotRO and my presenceon the forums and Discord. More technical support around Discord, forums and the website in general is what I can offer.

RE: Council Elections 2018 - Kairos - 02 Jul, 18

The experience garnered from a properly misspent youth is invaluable!

RE: Council Elections 2018 - Eresmir - 02 Jul, 18

Excellent fellas, delighted to see you both standing, if inline moderation ever works I'll move your posts to the appropriate thread in Kinship Rules.