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Fresh layout - Ingaras - 31 Mar, 14

Hello all!

As promised, TWA has got a new look! And not only a new look, but also space for multiple games!

The entire changeover didn't go quite as planned however, as the new Events calendar turned out to have a serious flaw when I tested it on the live site, so at the moment that's still offline and you'll have to rely on the good old-fashioned Events board until I got things fixed (should be no longer than a couple of days).

Additionally there might be some lingering issues with the layout, but we'll fix them as we go and make changes as we discover that things aren't as practical as they seemed in theory. Don't like the new layout? go to your profile and you can still switch to the old one!

On top of that, we're going to need some input from you! For example the 'Games' category in the menu now points to the individual sub-forums, but could be used to point to an introductory page for the TWA chapter in that game instead! The front-page text needs some serious updating, we're very interested to have different colour accents for the pages that relate to different games and I think we can use some other 'rank symbols' than simple ***s. In other words: look at what you think can be improved and give it a try.

Re: Fresh layout - Eresmir - 01 Apr, 14

Great work Inga and all involved. I'll have a pop at the home page text tomorrow as promised earlier Thor, sorry for the delay.

This is also a notice for any would be artist that the favicon poll will commence on Wednesday so you have 2 days to submit any final offerings before i close it.

Re: Fresh layout - Eledhin - 01 Apr, 14

Nice work Inga. I'm looking forward to seeing the new events calendar once it's up.

In the meantime we'll start posting bugs here  ;D

#1 Mumble feed has disappeared!

#2 Using the old theme, there is a black bar running across the middle of the home page.

Re: Fresh layout - Ingaras - 01 Apr, 14

Special mention to Crucio and Grimdoin for coming up with the final designs!

(01 Apr, 14, 00:14)Eledhin link Wrote: #1 Mumble feed has disappeared!

I know! Haven't found a decent spot for it yet... and it's a pretty resource-intensive thing so I don't want to stick it on every page like TWAtter.

Re: Fresh layout - Gwaiglas - 01 Apr, 14

Looks smart and eye-catching  ... very nice ... ty for the hard work Smile

Re: Fresh layout - Belegwe - 01 Apr, 14

Good show! Smile

Re: Fresh layout - Grimdoin - 01 Apr, 14

Thanks for the hard work Inga! It's good to have made the first step so we can move on from here and improve based upon input from others.

Re: Fresh layout - Crucio - 01 Apr, 14

Excellent Inga! My coup d'etat with WordPress failed  Tongue

One obsevation so far, the rings under yourt profiled appear to broken on the new theme.  Maybe something agnoistic like stars for the new theme?


Re: Fresh layout - Thoronthor - 01 Apr, 14

Want to take a moment to thank everyone who has put in time and effort over the last few months to get us this far.
Even if your work did not get used rest assured that they still had a contribution to our collective creative process.

Tweaks will continued to be made based on feedback so feel free to give your opinions.

re: Wordpress: As we agreed at a later date we may decide to make a full migration to wordpress, but this was the better and quicker solution for the moment

re: gold rings: I think Inga is aware they arent working or have been changed in this theme. I dont mind the rings as reminder of our roots but if people prefer something different that shouldn't be a problem.

My own feedback: I like the menu bar at the top of the screen but between the menu bar and the top of the page there is a small unused space that right now is just black. Does everyone have this and if so, maybe we can use this space for a thin banner of some kind

Re: Fresh layout - Eresmir - 01 Apr, 14

I personally don't mind the empty spaces at all. Gives the forum a minimalist view which IMO has been missing as we were beginning to look very crowded.

A few notes:
1. Put in a draft for the front page text last night. See if you fancy changing it Thor.
2. Top menu and blocks don't seem to operate on smartphones. For example I can't see recent posts section. Well at least on my iPhone.
3. I'm sure we'll come across more things that will be chopped and changed as we go!