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  Kinship banker and surplus items
Posted by: Kairos - 14 Jul, 09, 17:17 - No Replies

Just as a reminder: the Kinship banker is Dalewaru (Ingaras' alt), to whom any unwanted crafting materials (all levels) as well as items such as class books and book pages should be posted in-game. If you need anything along these lines, send him an ingame message or a forum PM.

(Note that Ingaras is AFK for 2 weeks from 18 July).

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  Lorebook Links
Posted by: Ingaras - 11 Jun, 09, 00:54 - Replies (8)

While I was fixing the Youtube forum code (aye, I broke it... Lucky nobody noticed it Tongue), I found out how the codes actually work, so I decided to take a little detour and add lorebook links. As a result you can boast about your [skill]Improved Swift Bow[/skill] that critted for 1k. Ofcourse it also has more useful links, like comparing [armour]Jacket of the Great Bow[/armour] to [armour]Trapsetter's Jacket[/armour].

How to do it? Search for the item you'd like to link in the Lorebook and if it says Item:Something you can link it useing
[nobbc][item]Something[/item][/nobbc], if it says Armour:Something use [nobbc][armour]Something[/armour][/nobbc] etc.

Have fun with it!

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  Reminder: new TeamSpeak details
Posted by: Ingaras - 06 Jun, 09, 00:47 - No Replies

I noticed tonight that not everyone reads the MotD, so I'll post it here as well: We have a new TeamSpeak server! The details can be found in this thread on the member forums. Also you can connect using the button on the TeamSpeak 'block' on the front page, where you just have to enter a nickname and the password.

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  New portal online!
Posted by: Ingaras - 05 Jun, 09, 17:22 - Replies (12)

Welcome to the updated website!

The old membertool and raid scheduler can be reached through these links.

What's new?
As you might have noticed we now have a decent front page that allows posting news items and in the future might get some information articles. Also there are 'blocks' on the sides containing all kinds of useful tools while browsing the site. Next to that the kinship membertool and the raid scheduler have been replaced by a home made integrated event calendar and character list. You now can manage your own characters on the memberlist and that information will be used when signing up for raids and other events. The events calendar is similar to the old raid scheduler, but automatically sorts out signups. If you sign up as 2nd minstrel for example, you will automatically be moved to a 'any-class' space. I hope you enjoy it and if you encounter any issues or have requests, don't be afraid to open a topic in the new Tech Corner! An additional word of warning when editting events: the times used are your forum times, so have a good look at the current time in the top right. If needed you can adjust your time offset in your profile.

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