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Full Version: New Ip=Danger of being banned?
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Hello guys, ive sort of moved in with my gf, and was wondering if i log in with my account here, will the ip i have be picked up by turbine, and will it cause problems for the credibility of my identity and my account being banned?

many thanks.
I changed IP only a few months ago Brag and had no issues at all, so i assume it'll be the same for you
I forgot to mention, i will be playing at home, and at my gf's, so ill be switchingly logging on with 2 different IP's... Still no problem?
I do it quite a bit Brag, Turbine doesn't seem to careSmile
IPs can change all the time... I log in regularly from 3 locations myself (yay for a laptop somewhat capable of running Lotro). They probably only get interested in them if either there's a lot of different accounts using 1 IP or if there's some reason to suspect you're account-sharing or something. But even then you got a good explanation for it.
Never heard of a dynamic IP? They can change every day/hour/whatever. As long as you aren't playing in New York one day and in Shanghai the next and then somewhere else, they won't even notice.
ok thanks guys, too bad i just found out, the onboard vga card of this old boat, is probably too sucky too run the game...  :bh1: